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Ironically enough, Australia’s security plans just got leaked

The good news is that the Australian federal government is taking security strategies seriously. The bad news, according to Business Insider, is that the detail has leaked. Which is a bit ironic.

The new policy, expected since the then prime minister Tony Abbott instigated a review, will take advantage of “disruptive technology” and a great deal else. The Business Insider report says it will focus on strengthening cyber defences, education, partnerships, research and development, and awareness. It also puts quite an emphasis on partnering with the private sector.

It all sounds pretty reasonable. Governments can’t suddenly become technology security experts, and there is a great deal of knowledge already extant; whatever critics might say about privatising government bodies, it makes no sense to disregard this knowledge.

The Australian IT News site drills further into the detail. It’s genuinely good, competent stuff. The embarrassing question for the authorities will have to be: if this is about security, how did it leak out weeks in advance?