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Internet cars drive security risks

The self-drive car – or autonomous car, or connected car, or driverless car or whatever they end up being called – stands accused of posing another risk. Aside from the thought of being mowed down by an out of control robot, the Financial Times has highlighted potential security risks through their connection to the outside world.

The warning originates from a well-placed source. Security specialist Eugene Kaspersky of Kaspersky Lab is the person making the comment, suggesting that cars connected to the internet will be vulnerable for a decade.

He’s not the only one – our interview with the CEO of CompTIA highlighted exactly the same issue among a lot of other subjects.

Kaspersky’s point is that modern vehicles, even before we start looking at Internet connections, are safer than they were but also less secure. The motor industry is opening up its vehicles to external connections; this could be a good thing but also a hazard, as those connections make owners more vulnerable to hacks, remote controls and other sources of interference.

One door opens, another slams in your face…