Darren Arthur/Getty Images for Kaspersky Lab
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Oscar Williams

News editor

Kaspersky is moving its data storage to Switzerland in a bid to restore consumers’ trust

Kaspersky Lab has unveiled plans to move a number of its core processes from Russia to Switzerland, as part of an ongoing transparency drive aimed at restoring trust in the firm.

The company’s sales took a hit in America last year after the US government raised concerns about alleged links between the Moscow-based firm and the Russian government. Kaspersky denies the claims.

Now, the firm is moving its customer data storage and processing “for most regions”, as well as its software assembly, including threat detection updates, to Switzerland in a process supervised by “an independent third party”.

“In a rapidly changing industry such as ours we have to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients, stakeholders and partners,” said CEO Eugene Kaspersky. “Transparency is one such need, and that is why we’ve decided to redesign our infrastructure and move our data processing facilities to Switzerland.”

He added: “We believe such action will become a global trend for cybersecurity, and that a policy of trust will catch on across the industry as a key basic requirement.”