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KPMG and PwC launch arms race for cyber security talent

The world’s biggest professional services firms have launched an arms race for talent in the cyber security sector, according to new research from the jobs site Indeed.

More than five per cent of British jobs advertised by KPMG and PwC (pictured) are for cyber roles, while EY and Deloitte, the two other members of the so-called “big four”, are also hiring a significant number of security experts.

The hiring spree reflects a desire to capitalise on the lucrative cyber security consultancy market. Research published in 2017 revealed the firms, traditionally known for auditing, had become the world’s largest providers of security consultancy services.

Indeed observed an increase of more than 14 per cent in the number of cyber jobs per million vacancies from 2017 to 2018, as new data protection regulations came into force across Europe.

Vodafone, Hastings Direct, Aviva, Capita and Barclays and Capgemini were among the other firms to feature on Indeed’s leader board for cyber roles.

“It’s telling that many large organisations now talk of ‘critical’ infrastructure rather than ‘IT’ infrastructure,” said Bill Richards, the UK managing director of Indeed. “Every aspect of a modern company relies on its IT, and the growing threat of cyber attack and tightening of privacy laws means demand is rising fast for professionals who are able to protect companies’ most precious information.”

The most in demand cyber jobs according to the research were IT security specialists, security engineers, security consultants, information security analysts and IT auditors, with an average salary of £45,851.

“The critical importance of their work, the skill and discretion it requires, and strong demand from employers have combined to drive up cyber professionals’ salaries,” Richards added. “Cyber security is both a hot topic and a lucrative profession right now.”