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Small business hampered by cash

Small businesses are less secure than their larger counterparts. So says a new report from identity and asset management business Versasec, which says that smaller companies are several stages behind their larger counterparts when it comes to making their data safe.

We could have guessed as much. That said, one might have thought the smaller amounts of data involved would compensate.

The research points to a number of reasons outside hard cash as to why the smaller organisation (by which it means businesses with fewer than 1000 employees so it’s not tiny) might have fewer security skills: they won’t have been subjected to as many attacks, for example.

They are also somewhat daunted by mobile technology and BYOD (as we’ve said elsewhere it’s not an unalloyed blessing) and there is an overreliance on unduly simple security.

“It will be interesting to look at these numbers in a year’s time and see whether the SMEs are stepping up their security spend, and why,” Joakim Thorén, Versasec CEO, said. “For now, we are encouraged to see the interest in using smart cards as it’s the easiest and most cost effective way for securing a company’s IT domain today.”