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Sooraj Shah

Contributing Editor

Sooraj Shah is Contributing Editor of New Statesman Tech with a focus on C-level IT leader interviews. He is also a freelance technology journalist.

‘Organisations are backing up their viruses and malware without realising,’ says Teknov8 CEO

Teknov8 was established three years ago and still considers itself a start-up. Initially, the company was a distributor for cloud security products, and at the back end of last year changed its focus to incorporate back-up and disaster recovery for mid-market and large enterprise customers.

“It became apparent that the end customer needed a lot more guidance, and it was difficult for them to understand the cyber security world. We offer a fully managed service, which is about taking the customer through the journey, understanding what their needs are, what difficulties and challenges they face and then proactively working with them,” says Craig Joseph, CEO of the company.

Joseph emphasised that the company was not focusing on selling products on a 24 month contract and then coming back towards the end of the contract to discuss renewal with the client.

“If their endpoints are not backing up, if it appears that they’ve got malware or something we will proactively do that for our customers. A lot of the software will notify them anyway but it’s about having that human touch and explaining what we do next,” he says.

As an Acronis global direct partner, Teknov8 provides a managed service for all of Acronis’ customers’ security and backup offerings.

“It’s a single licence, and single portal to manage everything from cyber security, back-up and disaster recovery,” says Joseph.

One of the key areas where Joseph says Teknov8 can help organisations with is with backed-up viruses and malware.

“It’s sitting there in the back-up just waiting to be exploded when the restore is done,” he says.

The Acronis product claims to solve this problem by continuously scanning the back-up.

Another example of the work Teknov8 does is that is work with a group of just under 40 schools across Europe, ranging from 150 to 500 endpoints at each school, as well as virtual and physical servers. The group of schools has an IT department that looks after all of those sites.

“From our monitoring system, we can actually see if an endpoint is not online, when it was last backed up, and we can detect malware and proactively ensure that everything is running the latest build. The software is good by itself and does the job, but we think the human touch is the differentiator,” he says.

Teknov8 has also worked with Acronis to provide cyber protection and security for the world’s first electric flying car racing series called Airspeeder.

No real impact from Covid-19

There has been a balance in regards to the impact of Covid-19 on the business. Joseph explains that the company, which works on a per user basis, has had a down turn because employers have reduced their headcounts. However, they have seen an uptake in organisations wanting to protect more devices as people work remotely.

The biggest change for the company has been with the marketing.

“Traditionally, we did a lot of cold calling and telemarketing and when we know someone is in a physical building, it’s relatively easy to get hold of them. We’ve become a lot more efficient, targeted and focused in the way we market to our customers and prospects, and social media has played a big part in that,” says Joseph.

The company has seen big engagements across its social media platforms that have flourished into prospects and even customers.