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US hospitals hit by cyber-attacks

A spate of cyber-attacks in the US has targeted hospitals, leading to calls for more advanced security skills from managed service providers (MSPs), according to MSP Mentor.

Four establishments have been targeted by “ransomware” attacks. This is when someone hacks into a system, locks off the files and demands money before releasing the information. The MSP Mentor report suggests that some hospitals have paid thousands of dollars to get their information operational again.

Infiltrating a network, the report continues, can be an inexpensive thing for the hackers to do and the rewards, always assuming they aren’t caught, can be considerable.

The curious thing is that to the IT community, health information isn’t actually worth that much. Speaking in an interview to be published on this site next week, Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of global IT certification body CompTIA, said cybercriminals can do a lot more damage by obtaining driving license, credit card and passport details: nobody really values our medical information.

Yet still they come.