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ZoneFox wins major Scottish government security contract

ZoneFox has won a major contract to supply the Scottish government with a security solution for its 15,000 end-points.

The Edinburgh-based startup, which was acquired by Fortinet for an undisclosed sum last year, specialises in AI-driven insider threat analysis.

It was selected by Scottish officials after a “thorough” review of the market and will provide the government with security insights drawn from user monitoring.

“The organisation will be able to protect business-critical data and IP, identify anomalous behaviour both on and off the network, and prove compliance within industry standards and regulations such as GDPR,” said Fortinet sales director Neill Cooper. “We are delighted to play such a pivotal role in safeguarding Scottish citizens and those connected to them.”

When ZoneFox was acquired by Fortinet last October, its CEO Jamie Graves said it would continue to nurture its relationship with the local security sector.

“ZoneFox will always have its roots in Scotland and will remain part of the local Scottish security community to both access and develop talent,” he said in a statement.

Fortinet refused to reveal the value of the deal and the Scottish government did not respond to NS Tech’s questions in time for publication. This story will be updated if it does.