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Panel: IP EXPO Bytesize – the year ahead

NS Tech is a media partner for Digital Transformation EXPO 2019

The panel consisted of: Ade Adewunmi, senior industry consultant, Teradata, Barry Lyne, vice president of global, Panaseer, Kevin Kiley, vice president of sales & business development, OneTrust and Paul Adams, marketing director, Nokia Software Europe.

The agenda

The IP EXPO Bytesize panels are designed to give attendees an executive overview of the latest trends in IT. Four panellists, each a leading expert in their respective field, each shared a ten-minute bite sized overview of a given topic during one education packed session. The sessions are designed to be interactive so attendees and social media followers had the opportunity to ask their questions to the panel in an extended Q&A.

The four topics covered were smart cities, a data driven discussion, GDPR, and data breaches. Below is a summary of the key points from each speaker.

Ade Adewunmi

Ade opened the session by saying “organisations are going to have to get practical in the future about how data affects transformation, without looking at the big names like Google or Netflix for example”.

Ade highlighted that the big names don’t always do things well. She advised that digital transformation doesn’t have to happen in one big jump and that understanding legacy and infrastructure is very important when making plans for change in the future.

A final note from Ade’s segment was that there is an emergence of data minimisation and that organisations need to be mindful of the volume of data they are collecting, and whether it is actually needed and thus minimalised in the face of increased data scrutiny.

Barry Lyne

The session then moved on to Barry who opened with “it’s never been easier to be a cybercriminal, its invisible compared with the traditional image of a bank robber!”

Thus he stated this has led to a need for more cyber experts in the future. Furthermore he advised that organisations need to be more forward thinking and proactive when it comes to data and reducing threats than they perhaps are currently. This is due to the fast pace of the changing security landscape.

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