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The sky’s the limit for Green Duck and ConnectWise Automate

In the small town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk resides Green Duck, an IT company that caters to every flavour. Comprised of roughly 50 employees, Green Duck prides itself in being a “multi-service organisation,” meaning it darn well does almost anything.

“We service clients from all corners of the UK plus western Europe all the way to Russia, and South Africa, believe it or not,” explains Steve Hewitt, Infrastructure Architect at Green Duck. “We’ve got all sorts of clients.” Green Duck not only promises exceptional IT support for its varied customers, it also provides personnel training and digital design services.

With such a wide variety of services to choose from, it can come as no surprise the IT company chose to incorporate remote monitoring and management (RMM) into their daily processes in an effort to streamline productivity.

“I think it was in March 2014 when we put our previous vendor in place on a three-year contract as our first proper RMM tool made for MSPs,” Hewitt recalls. “We were sold the promise that it would free us up — like having a couple extra engineers on the team.”

It wasn’t long before Hewitt and his team realised that it wasn’t the dream product they were after. “We found the usability has been a real problem for us,” he admits. “We’ve got one person in the company who’s done courses with the vendor. If we wanted script-writing, he was the only one that could do it.”

Unfortunately, the previous vendor’s shortcomings didn’t stop there for Green Duck. “When we worked with them, you had to buy their antivirus,” Hewitt says. “During our contract, they wanted to change their antivirus. We then had to remove the old antivirus and roll out the new one at our own cost and our own time.”

As if that wasn’t enough, during a particularly troublesome time, the previous vendor’s licence key expired, merely a few months into using the product. Clearly an accident, the IT team phoned up the vendor to rectify the situation and found they couldn’t get a hold of anyone. “It genuinely took me three days — I was calling four or five times a day,” explains Hewitt. “After a few rings, it just went to a voicemail system. We went a couple of days without having an effective RMM. It was unacceptable.”

Needless to say, Hewitt and his team at Green Duck were less than impressed. They needed something that would fit their needs like a glove. It didn’t take long for them to discover ConnectWise.

“There were a handful of different tools that came out and all sounded fairly promising,” says Hewitt. “When we all looked into them, they were all pretty narrowly focused. We found that, what was then branded as LabTech, was everywhere. It was widely spoken of, and it was coming up a lot.”

After reading the good reviews and the literature, Hewitt and his team were interested in knowing more. “We engaged with ConnectWise and had a few demonstrations which went really well,” he says. “We were really impressed.”

As luck would have it, Green Duck received invites to attend IT Nation in Orlando that year. “We went to IT Nation and I was amazed,” Hewitt says. “I was stunned both at what I was seeing in the breakout sessions and at the keynotes. I was thoroughly impressed – IT Nation is what swung it for me.”

After returning from IT Nation, Hewitt and his team constructed their plan to integrate LabTech (now Automate) into their business. After installation, the results were almost instantaneous. “Out-of-the-box on day one we got Automate installed and we were getting tickets automatically closing themselves for alerts that were created,” Hewitt recalls. “Things like low disk space on drives and various services that had crashed, Automate had restarted them. We hadn’t done that. That just happened. We didn’t have that working after three years with our previous vendor and we had this working on day one with Automate.”

Hewitt was excited about the time and money being saved by avoiding unnecessary engineer involvement. For Green Duck, just one ticket could mean fifteen minutes of an engineer’s valuable time being directed to small tasks. With dozens of tickets like that getting generated a week, it meant significant savings all around.

“The savings are vast just on day one,” says Hewitt. In addition, Automate was fixing things as they broke, and often before they went wrong. It meant no unpleasant phone calls with customers and no frazzled techs dealing with repeat offences. It was a win-win all around and Hewitt couldn’t have been happier. “We can do things that we couldn’t do before,” he says. “The product is superb. We absolutely love it.”

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