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How integrated solutions spell success for one UK-based MSP

Company: Mirus IT

Challenge The Mirus IT team was struggling through issue after issue with solutions that didn’t quite meet their needs.

Solution Mirus needed solutions that offered reliability, along with the functionality, necessary for the business to meet growth goals. 

Results With support from ConnectWise, Mirus is leaving behind constant issues and breathing a collective sigh of relief, ready for continuous business growth.

As founder and managing director of Mirus IT, one of the most influential technology services businesses in the UK, Paul Tomlinson built his company on a firm commitment to providing the highest quality support possible.

Two years ago, when the company’s productivity was compromised by inefficiencies in their existing PSA and RMM tools, Tomlinson knew the problem had to be addressed. He was introduced to ConnectWise as the solution, but was reluctant to make a change at that time, opting instead to attempt working around the issues with existing products.

“After another year or so battling our way through those problems, we decided enough was enough and we’d make a move,” Tomlinson recalls. During a visit to another UK-based MSP, he was reintroduced to ConnectWise. “They showed me how they’d implemented ConnectWise, and when I could see all the benefits that they’d managed to get from the tools, we were sold.”

User friendly, user-centric billing

The initial attraction to ConnectWise Manage was the ability to easily manage user-centric billing. As an MSP, Mirus wanted to bill customers based on their number of users. “There wasn’t a solution within our previous vendor that allowed us to do that. Moving across to ConnectWise meant we could capture all of that recurring revenue each month without manual intervention,” Tomlinson says.

Efficiency through integration

As important as user-centric capabilities were, the primary motivation for making the switch came down to integration made possible by the ConnectWise suite of solutions. “We looked at how well the suite is implemented and how that could change our business, and it just made sense to make the complete commitment and buy all the products,” Tomlinson says.

RMM reliability is key

Remote management outages were a recurring problem for Mirus prior to switching to ConnectWise Automate™ (formerly LabTech). “We didn’t have reliable tools on our previous platform. When there’s an outage, we’ve got 40 techs who can’t work from where they’re sitting. They have to go see the users, which is not how we’re meant to run our business,” Tomlinson explains. “With Automate, we’re really excited about maintaining our own uptime and actually being able to deliver consistent service to our customer base.”

Faster quoting, faster profit

Mirus experienced an almost immediate increase in efficiency by implementing ConnectWise Sell™ (formerly Quosal) as the company’s quote and proposal solution. Using their previous tool required going through several time-consuming steps. That’s no longer the case, Tomlinson explains. “Sell allows us to create the quote, create the agreement, and get going in supporting the customer in a faster way – also earning money faster.”

A positive experience

Tomlinson explains that it’s not only the products, or the efficiency of integration, that has made ConnectWise the right choice for Mirus. From initial sales conversations to ongoing consultancy to a sense of community, he describes the overall experience as positive. “There were experts from the different products available to help us. Without that great sales journey, we wouldn’t have understood all the benefits we were going to get from ConnectWise. It really helped make up our minds that we were making the right move.”

Mirus is a “friendly MSP”, Tomlinson says. They share the ConnectWise belief in coopetition – many minds, working together, advance faster. When talking with other MSPs to better understand where areas of knowledge and expertise could help all involved, Tomlinson offers what he sees as the solution. “They’re talking about the problems they’re having with integration between different products. And we’re saying all of those things are addressed in ConnectWise. We’re really excited about some of the things coming up in the product roadmap, and how those will benefit us and the wider ConnectWise community.”

About ConnectWise

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