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Managed services: 2018’s winners and losers

The days where an organisation is solely responsible for managing all areas and aspects of their business are gone. In today’s world, it is common for certain services — be they telecoms, cloud, networking, or security services — to be managed externally.

Whether companies are outsourcing in order to reduce or control operating costs, free up internal resources, or streamline time-consuming functions, it is clear that the potential benefits for businesses are varied and plentiful.

These benefits are especially pertinent when considering the speed at which the world is changing through new, innovative, and sometimes mind-blowing technology – why manage these changes internally when an expert can take care of them for you? The last thing that companies need is to try to implement an organisation-wide change, only to find that the changes are obsolete in six months’ time and all they have done is waste time and money.

However, it is not just when implementing wholesale changes that an external expert might be beneficial – some organisations need support just to keep the lights on.

As more and more companies look to offload tasks that they can no longer take care of themselves, the demand for managed service providers (MSPs) is going to skyrocket – and with more businesses offloading more tasks, the pressure on MSPs is two-fold. 2018 is set to be the year of the ‘digital customer experience,’ and it is not just retailers and the hospitality industry that must consider that customer experience. The more the MSP industry grows, the more it becomes a buyers’ market, which places even greater importance on the ability to provide an excellent customer experience – something that customers have come to expect.

During 2018 and beyond, there will be plenty of challenges for MSPs, including but not limited to: emerging technology, evolving security threats, and changes in customer demands. In order for MSPs to thrive, all of these challenges will need to be successfully navigated. It is going to be a case of keep up or get left behind, and falling behind could mean missing out on a seat at a billion-dollar table.

ConnectWise commissioned independent market research specialist Vanson Bourne to interview a total of 150 MSP decision makers, with a focus on IT-MSPs. As a global leader empowering Technology Teams to deliver their services more efficiently, ConnectWise felt it important to help their partners explore and identify trends in technology, the increasing impact of customer demand, the changing landscape of MSPs, and how to overcome challenges that arise on this journey.

Download the eBook, Managed Services: 2018’s Winners & Losers, to explore the findings and learn what’s working—and what isn’t—for MSPs in the UK.