50 ways to lose your data: Understanding the true nature of data breaches

For decades the primary focus of IT security all over the world has been to secure the network. However, this “inside the firewall” thinking ignores the obvious truth of doing business today: ‘the network’ now extends far beyond the firewall. Defending your corporate perimeter is no longer enough.

If you think about Cybersecurity from the point of view of your data, your network is just one of the places it lives. It also lives on the networks of your suppliers, clients and partners; on the Cloud services your business relies on; and on the portable devices of your employees. This diffusion of your data through your supply chain is a huge potential threat to your data security, a threat that is largely outside your control.

Accepting this fact means we need to update our approaches to data protection and Cybersecurity. We have to look outside the network and look after our data, wherever it lives.