Beginners Guide to Data Corruption and How to Avoid It

When choosing a backup solution, one of the most important decision factors is  reliability. Understandably, when it comes to restores, backup administrators expect not only flexibility from the software, but also a guarantee that data can be restored. Given  how multifaceted and nuanced the topic of data corruption is, it is safe to say that if a  vendor guarantees 100% reliability of backups they are not telling the whole truth.

Still, many backup administrators simply assume that backups are fail safe. As a result, a  situation where data cannot be restored from a backup can come as a huge shock and is often seen as the backup vendor failing to provide what was promised. In reality, there are different kinds of data corruption that have different causes and it is a misconception to put the blame purely on backup software (as you will see in this white paper, Veeam® Backup & Replication™ cannot be blamed for any type of corruption described. If it were, the Veeam team would have fixed it long time ago). On the bright side, many backup providers, including us here at Veeam, provide a number of tools that can help reduce the risk of running into an unrecoverable backup.

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