Best Practice: How to evaluate and implement a multi-CDN strategy

The following is intended as a best-practices guide for companies focused on web performance,  with particular attention to those currently evaluating or implementing a Multi-CDN strategy (often called “CDN Federation”).

At Cedexis, we focus exclusively on strategies and solutions for multi-platform content and application delivery. Many of our clients are global retail, media, and technology companies that leverage Cedexis’ expertise and tools to provide the best possible performance to their worldwide customer bases.

Cedexis has learned much about the strategy and process of evaluating, selecting, configuring, and optimizing a content delivery ecosystem of data centers, clouds, and CDNs. We have honed our practice while working with hundreds of clients.
Cedexis is constantly measuring real-time performance across all major clouds and CDNs
as they are seen by billions of end users behind over 38,000 ISP networks in every country in the world.

In this paper, we share our perspective on the state of content and application delivery
platforms, as well as best practices for establishing a content delivery ecosystem, based
on what we’ve learned from our many client engagements.