Break-Fix to MSP

Tips from MSPs who successfully made the leap

Moving your business model from break-fix to managed services can feel daunting. It can be a tough sell to your current clients, who are used to paying for services on an hourly basis, rather than by subscription. It also requires a cultural shift within your organisation, which could be a struggle for engineers who are comfortable in the break-fix world. If you’ve built a career in the trenches, or “turning the screwdriver” as described by one Datto partner, then the proactive, remote monitoring of client environments may not come naturally. However, for many IT professionals, the benefits of the managed service model long outweigh the difficulties faced getting there. Recurring revenue, improved time management and the ability to plan for growth dramatically reduces the
uncertainty from delivering reactive services. But don’t just take our word for
it. For those of you thinking about making a break from the break-fix life, we’ve
pulled together a caboodle of field-proven tips and best practices from a panel
of experienced MSPs who’ve been through the change themselves.

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