Building Automation-as-a-Service, from Edge to Cloud

Combined with powerful and efficient Intel® processors, the Arkessa and IA Connects solution can operate and scale with confidence around the world (The system includes the IA Connects MobiusFlow Gateway, sensors, cellular connectivity, a data visualization portal, and Arkessa managed services)

The Arkessa Building Control and Asset Management solution leverages mobile data-enabled (3G/4G) capabilities, instead of fixed lines, enabling users to deploy and connect quickly and securely

Location, location, location. While this has been the longtime mantra in commercial real estate (CRE), innovative technologies are creating new ways for owners to attract tenants and increase property values. In fact, smart buildings can add as much as 11.8 percent in lease value and up to 35 percent higher sales value.

There is also the green factor: Buildings represent nearly 40 percent of energy used globally. That’s why owners of offices, residential complexes, factories, and others have a shared goal to cut power consumption. And with modern building automation, these organizations can reduce energy and building maintenance costs by up to 30 percent.

But deploying and managing building automation systems can be complex. Different stakeholders—building owners, third-party facilities management, and tenants—can have conflicting objectives. And they all have independent network infrastructure, cloud service providers, and cellular data plans.