Closing the productivity gap: How product manufacturers can seize the opportunity of a challenging UK market

This three-part series examines all three, alongside a few useful lessons from businesses that are particularly strong in each area. Hopefully, you enjoy reading it — and find some advice that you can put into action to help grow productivity today.

Boosting productivity in an uncertain climate: areas to focus on for UK manufacturers.

Hello and welcome to our series on closing the productivity gap. I’m proud of Unleashed’s manufacturing focus — over 55% of our global customer base make stock in some form. Here in the UK, that figure is above 60%.

Our goal is to support independent manufacturing businesses. We want to help them thrive against the monopolistic companies who seek to control the supply chain and marketplace for products, and dominate consumers’ choice. So we champion any business who makes, manages or moves good products.

What’s a good product? Well, it’s anything sold by a business that cares: cares about how things are made, the provenance of components or customers’ happiness.