Cyber AI & Darktrace Cloud

Secures new computing models, applications, users, and devices

As organizations increasingly rely on cloud services and SaaS applications to streamline  business practices, the familiar paradigm of the network perimeter has dissolved, leaving a porous and ever-changing digital estate in its wake.

While the benefits of cloud computing will ensure that migration continues apace, the unique security challenges presented by the cloud will require a more agile mindset, and fast-paced, self-learning technologies. These must move at the speed of cloud deployments in order to spot subtle deviations indicative of a threat, while providing complete, real-time visibility across the digital business.

Darktrace’s world leadership in the field of artificial intelligence for cyber security makes  it the most effective and proven solution to detect unprecedented threats and anomalous cyber-incidents in the cloud. Whether faced with an insider threat, an attacker targeting  sensitive data in test containers, or a significant misconfiguration that could be exploited  in the future, Darktrace’s cyber AI platform eliminates blind spots, understands when threats are developing, and helps protect your data, wherever it resides.