Data Protection by the Numbers: A guide to help you navigate your data management ROI

Quantitative metrics allow you to compare a range of availability
and protection alternatives objectively, without the bias of experience
or preconceptions or vendor preference. In this book, we
look at several metrics. We start by defining each one and then
applying them to the discussion of what kind(s) of data protection,
data retention, and data availability you may need for
different scenarios.

Data protection, including backup, is often regarded as an unsolvable
nuisance that adds complexity and budgetary burden while
remaining unreliable and cumbersome. The goal of this book is
not to persuade you to purchase anything — in fact, no vendors or
products are listed except for Veeam’s cover logo and back cover
product information as the sponsor of this guidebook. Veeam feels
it’s critical for you to gain an understanding of and a formulaic
approach to quantifying technical recovery capabilities, business
impacts, and financial concerns related to data protection.

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