FPT Software – Enhancing Code Quality and Security with Synopsys AST Solutions

FPT Software offers full lifecycle services for its customers, including software design, development, migration and modernization. Providing software components for clients’ systems often means working with legacy code and architectures not originally designed for modern interconnected environments. These must be stringently tested for the quality and security needed by today’s modern applications.

“Winning clients’ trust is our utmost priority, and we constantly focus on enhancing code security,” says Do Van Khac, Chief Delivery Officer and Executive Vice President at FPT Software. “We often encounter risks stemming from incompatible legacy code and architectures, which led to increased costs in remediation. We took the path of looking into tools to improve code quality and security as early as possible in the development lifecycle.”

The Delivery Command Center (DCC) at FPT performed a detailed evaluation of several static analysis solutions; ultimately determining that Coverity Static Analysis was the right choice for them. By helping to identify and fix software problems early in the development process, Coverity not only accelerates FPT code reviews to improve code quality and security but also helps FPT reduce the need and cost of addressing those problems later.

With the growing use of open source components and libraries in software development, FPT customers requested that the company extend their software testing to include software composition analysis (SCA). FPT implemented Synopsys’ Black Duck SCA in 2019, and today FPT uses Coverity and Black Duck for virtually all their software project testing.