Full Report – Get rid of database workload silos

The all-flash Dell EMC SC5020 storage array, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor, handled transactional database workloads and data mart imports better than an HPE solution without sacrificing performance

Your business may need to keep track of dozens of different
initiatives—but that doesn’t mean you need dozens of
separate storage solutions to get the job done. To reduce
complexity, your business may consider storage solutions
that can take care of multiple jobs at once without sacrificing
performance. For example, if you operate a brick-and-mortar
store and an online store, you should be able to retrieve
customer data from both sources without compromising
transactional database performance. The all-flash Dell EMC™
SC5020 storage array aims to be just such a solution.

In the Principled Technologies datacenter, we tested the allflash
Dell EMC SC5020 array and the HPE™ Nimble Storage®
AF5000 All Flash Array to see how well they performed while
handling two workloads at once: processing orders from a
transactional application, and loading terabytes of data into
an empty data mart. The Dell EMC SC5020 delivered stronger
transactional database performance, whereas the HPE array
processed orders more slowly and took longer to load data.

With the all-flash Dell EMC array, your company could attend
to more customer orders each minute and save time while
simultaneously importing data.