How to Spot Insider Threats Before They Wreak Havoc

Everyone knows the classic horror movie plot: The heroes rush to barricade the doors and windows, only to discover that the monster is already inside the house.

If you’re an IT security pro, you might want to watch one of these flicks again and reflect on how it applies to your job. Too many organizations today spend millions of dollars fortifying their perimeters to keep attackers out of their network — but fail to pay sufficient attention to the malicious users already inside.

Attackers are already inside, whether you know it or not. In fact, according to the Cyber Security Intelligence Index, insider threats represent 60 percent of all attacks. How quickly can you spot and block an employee or contractor who is misusing their privileges? What about an intruder using compromised credentials gleaned from a phishing attack? Or ransomware that’s steadily encrypting your valuable files? As the minutes tick by, your risk of a costly data breach skyrockets. How costly? Well, the Ponemon 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study pegs the average cost of a breach at a whopping $3.62 million.