Meet Exo, your investment co-pilot

You shouldn’t have to make a choice between paying high fees for someone to manage your money for you or sacrificing your time and security on the Do-It-Yourself route.

We’re taking investing to the next level with individual portfolios that are managed every day for a low, fixed fee.

Why Exo?

  • With Exo you can design your portfolio from an investment universe of over 500 leading ETFs – chosen from the whole of the market – by location, sector and asset classes.
  • Exo will identify the most suitable ETFs according to your criteria and weight your choices according to your risk profile as well as continuously rebalancing your portfolio to your risk appetite and market volatility.

We’re creating a new way to invest. Now is the time, as a New Statesman reader, to get your hands on a guaranteed place.

Take more control over your financial future, with less effort and sign up for the Exo beta.

When investing, your capital is at risk.