Mobilising to Win – are you ready?

As customer expectations for useful, frictionless experiences continue to rise, companies  are replacing manual processes and augmenting physical experiences with new digital interactions. This embrace of digital stems from more than the need to delight and engage –  it is about providing real utility to customers at an acceptable cost to serve. For many companies, this is simply one of several requirements for doing business in the digital age.  For others, operationalizing customer experience (CX) is a mission that defines their corporate zeitgeist. It is an opportunity to continually improve CX; and for some, CX is a true brand differentiator and driver of their business.

In this report, IBM reveals how organizations approach CX ownership, strategy, crossfunctional collaboration, use of data, use of Experience Design methods and customer feedback to enhance and measure CX.3 As anticipated, IBM found that CX responsibility and leadership is expanding beyond the traditional siloed domains of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and marketing departments. Whether managing from the C-suite or the functional level, the Elites have injected customer-centricity into their corporate cultures and are executing CX with more complexity and finesse than others.