MSP Webinar : How to become GDPR compliant With Clark IT

GDPR is the new data law that goes live on 25th May 2018. It will have wide reaching affects for all businesses who collect, manage, process, and store personally identifiable and sensitive data for EU citizens — anywhere in the world. So the question is: are you ready for GDPR?

In this webinar, Austen Clark, MD of Clark IT and GDPR Assessor, will be following the ICO guidelines on the key steps to GDPR compliance. The clock is ticking and there is not much time to get things in motion, so this session is designed to give you a good head start if you have not already started on your journey toward your compliancy goals.

This webinar will discuss:

• What is GDPR and how different it is to previous regulations
• Why do you have to comply and what might happen if you don’t
• The key steps in preparing for GDPR compliance