No App Left Behind: Considerations when Modernizing Traditional Applications in a Multi-Cloud World

The average enterprise today operates hundreds, if not thousands, of business-critical applications that support core business practices and were developed years ago. The people who developed these applications couldn’t imagine the new technology that would come in future generations and therefore could not anticipate the requirements that technology advancements would bring to market.

The challenge of moving them to the cloud is now being acknowledged as a non-trivial effort which is further emphasized by industry leading analyst research where Gartner?s predicts that “By 2023, 90%of current applications will still be in use, but most will have received insufficient modernization investment.”

The challenge that organizations are now grappling with is how do they
leverage the cloud for BOTH new cloud native applications AND traditional
applications that were never imagined to run in the cloud. To address this
challenge organizations must look beyond the hyperscale cloud landscape to
determine the best cloud fit for the application versus a one size fits all