Security SOS Week

Are you wondering if ransomware really is the worst sort of malware ever? Or are you simply just struggling to get your head around GDPR? Perhaps you’re worried about how quickly phishing is evolving and becoming even more troublesome?

Now you can stay up to speed on all of these topics without ever leaving your desk – take part in the Sophos Security SOS Week!

Five top security experts from Sophos will be stepping up to the microphone, each taking a day to share their expertise in a series of 40 minute webinar interviews with Naked Security writer and Senior Technologist Paul Ducklin.

More about these Webinars

GDPR – Burden or Opportunity? Cost or Value?

Presenter: John Shaw, VP, Product Manager

Europe’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may be discussed in the headlines as if it were just “a regulation,” but it has a whopping 11 Chapters, 99 Articles, and 261 pages.

We’ll be quizzing Sophos expert John Shaw on how a law that is as much a digital lifestyle guide as it is a regulatory document is likely to pan out.

Is a far-reaching law like GDPR a burden that will weigh you down, or an opportunity to stand out as a company that will do the right thing by its customers?


Phishing – How This Troublesome Crime is Evolving

Presenter: Peter Mackenzie, Global Malware Escalations Manager

Phishing is sometimes thought of as an old-school cybercrime that we should all be able to spot a mile away, thanks to inkorreckt speeling, badly grammaticals, and bizarre storylines about princes in need of banking assistance.

But not all phishing attacks are obvious. Smarter phishing gangs regularly adapt their tactics to blend in with the many legitimate emails we receive every day—in fact, the bad guys are better than ever at creating believable messages that will fool even savvy users.

Peter Mackenzie is a Sophos Security Specialist who has an encyclopedic knowledge of phishing attacks and how to avoid being phished. Join us how to learn how to keep your own users safe.


Security, Surveillance and You – When Does Security Turn Into Snooping?

Presenter: Luke Groves, Sophos Cyber Security Specialist

Luke Groves doesn’t have an easy job. He’s responsible for making everyone even more passionate about computer security in a company that’s already very passionate about computer security.

And passion doesn’t come from adding more rules and regulations, but rather from building an environment where everyone is ready to look out for each while at the same time respecting everyone’s privacy.

Learn from Luke how to build just that sort of culture inside your own organization. After all, security is a journey we take together, not a destination.


Botnets – The Malware That Makes You Part of the Problem

Presenter: Fraser Howard, Principal Threat Researcher

Unlike ransomware, which punches you straight in the digital face, “bots” or “zombies” work undercover in the background. Zombie malware quietly downloads instructions from cybercriminals on what to do next, such as grabbing passwords, stealing files, sending spam, and delivering malware.

Becoming infected with a bot therefore makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution. You’re giving the crooks a free hosting and content delivery service.

Learn from Fraser Howard, one of the world’s leading anti-malware researchers, how to dezombify your world.


Ransomware Revisited – Is It Really the Worst Sort of Malware Ever?

Presenter: James Burchell, Senior Sales Engineer

Recent stories suggest that ransomware is the worst sort of cyberattack you could experience. In truth, however, ransomware is more of a “worst among equals,” given all the other sorts of malware also out there.

In fact, security against malware isn’t just about keeping your eye on the ball. It’s about keeping your eye on lots of balls at the same time.

Fortunately, that’s not as hard as it sounds, and Sophos security expert James Burchell is here to explain what to do when faced with a multitude cyber threat.