TCO Report On Prem vs Cloud Storage

Today, organizations are challenged by a massive growth in the volume of enterprise data. It’s an undisputed fact that today more data is being generated, processed, and stored than at any other time in history. And it’s only going to increase from here. International Data Corporation (IDC) projects the “global datasphere” to grow from 33 zettabytes this year to a staggering 175ZB by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 61%.

In this paper, we compare the economics of on-premises object storage with public cloud for enterprise storage. With demands on enterprise storage higher today than ever  before, we first will compare the features and capabilities of on-premises object storage with public cloud and see how they stack up. Then, using a realistic customer scenario, we will analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) to determine which approach is the most cost-effective for current as well as future enterprise storage needs.