The 2019 Hacker Report

Welcome to the age of the hacker. Hackers are heroes, they are in it for the good and there is more opportunity than ever before. We share some of their stories and celebrate their impact in this, the third annual Hacker Report.

The Hacker Report details the more than 300,000 individuals that represent our hacker community today. It highlights where hackers live, what motivates them, what their favourite hacking targets & tools are, where they learn, why they collaborate and much more.

In 2018 alone, Hackers earned over $19 million in bounties, almost the entire amount awarded in the years prior combined. And while the most successful find it very lucrative, it’s about so much more than money. Many are finding career building opportunities through bug bounties, with companies hiring from  within the hacker community at a faster clip than ever before. Companies are utilizing bug bounty reports and hacker engagement as an enhanced resume of proven skills that will impact company goals and security efforts from day one.