The evolving landscape of the MSP business report 2020

As the MSP market has grown, providers have had to continuously balance and adapt their portfolio services to stay relevant and meet their customer’s varying needs, which has resulted in many service providers regularly expanding their offerings far beyond the traditional fundamentals expected of the MSP As this report has repeatedly shown, the appetite for managed services is growing across the board, and security is probably the hottest area to be in right now. Even in an economic downturn, the many unscrupulous cybercriminals out there will not stop in their quest to make money by any means possible.

For those partners still mulling where to place their service bets, it is almost a fool-proof plan to ensure you have some form of security service in your portfolio. The results reveal almost every partner questioned already has some sort of services offering in their kitbag, but also show that nearly all of them are planning to grow and evolve their services business in the coming year.