Who Says Stress Has to Be Part of the Private Cloud Transition?

Every IT professional knows that change is a constant in data centers, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to tolerate. Big changes to your environment are always complex. Just to keep moving forward, you need to allow for business justification, planning, project team selection and proof of concept—long before production. It’s a wonder anybody can stay ahead of the game. Yet data center managers through the years have done a remarkable job of doing just that.

Remember when, just a few years ago, data center growth strategies were based on a physical infrastructure? Then virtualisation came along and delivered new levels of efficiency, consolidation, availability and scalability—until that paradigm started to lose its edge as more and more enterprises found themselves confronting VM (virtual machine) sprawl and network congestion. The cloud is clearly the next big thing, and for many organisations, a private cloud is the appropriate solution. Situated within the firewall and characterised by strict access control, a private cloud is the right choice for those who are looking for on-site infrastructure and the flexibility and scalability to meet ever-changing demands. What’s more, a private cloud is often the best choice for organisations that put security and regulatory compliance high on their list of
mandatory capabilities.